‘Its amazing how exciting your life can look in a collage’

Fond memories always bring a smile to your face, and what better way to bring those back (and even revive the forgotten ones) than with a collage hanging on your wall. They simply are the perfect gift or personal memoir.

No need to dig out photo albums or start up the computer…Just Point to your wall instead. Collages will give you, your friends, guests and family years of entertainment and pleasure. Its a small price to pay for the amount of joy they bring.

Simply supply your favourite photos and we’ll do the rest. Collages are digitally constructed in a photo editing program. Each Photo is adjusted, sharpened and enhanced where needed and once completed, the collage is sent off for printing if desired.

Add anything you want, including text, logos, animations … you are only limited by your imagination and the cost remains the same for the size you are ordering.


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Cape-Leveque-Collage Family-Collage-1 Family-Collage-2 GSCollage Kimberley-Collage KimberleyCollage21 Life-in-the-Kimberley Variety-Bash2 Variety-Bash-2 wedding-collage